Here’s huat’s up this Chinese New Year – we're giving away discount codes with any order of MYR500 and above! These codes can be used for your next purchase, no minimum spend needed.

Simply place your order from 12 to 14 February 2021, and we’ll send you a discount code via email once your order is fulfilled.

Discount Code Tiers

Tier 1 – Spend a minimum of MYR500 and get an MYR25 discount code
Tier 2 – Spend a minimum of MYR1,000 and get an MYR50 discount code
Tier 3 – Spend a minimum of MYR2,000 and get an MYR100 discount code
Tier 4 – Spend a minimum of MYR4,000 and get an MYR200 discount code
Tier 5 – Spend a minimum of MYR8,000 and get a MYR400 discount code

Please note that order fulfilment may take up to one week from the date of purchase. Discount codes are valid for 180 days upon receiving our email and cannot be stacked.

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