JamHub Tourbus System

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About this product

JamHub Studios offers musicians and recording professionals the opportunity to perform at your best and hear professional level recordings with its Greenroom System. Built for seven musicians, the Greenroom System features seven XLR inputs, 7 1/4" inputs and 7 unique 1/4" headphone outputs featuring a USB recording output. The seven-section silent rehearsal studio provides its users with a 21-channel system to intermix amplified instruments as well as vocals through headphones. Each musician gets their own section, with the ability to mix their own knobs, set their own levels and volumes on the system. Each knob is numbered and colour-coded, making access and use of the Tourbus system incredibly easy. All sections have stereo TRS and SLR mic inputs as well as FX return levels, furthering the amount of control each musician has over their own section. Offering each user the advantage of high quality recording in WAV files which do not compress files as with normal MP3 recordings, the JamHub Tourbus System allows the group to jam in silence while keeping everyone in complete sync with one another, keeping the volume down and improving the quality of your playing altogether.

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