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MEINL Percussion AE-PCAJ2 Artisan Edition Peruvian Cajon Festejo Line, Flamenco Style (Mohena Frame)

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About this product

MEINL Artisan Edition Peruvian Cajons are hand made in Peru, where the cajon originated. These beautiful instruments will satisfy the most demanding players. Every detail has been elaborated and refined in order to bring out the purest sound and best performance possible and they are widely regarded as the finest cajons on the market. Dovetail joinery construction is used for a detailed traditional look. Each model is carefully crafted using different combinations of hand selected woods for unsurpassed sound quality and finished for an elegant appearance. This model features a high gloss finished Cedar frontplate. MEINL Flamenco style cajons are equipped with an integrated string system to give the instrument snap and sizzle.

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