MEINL TAH2M-SNT Recording-Combo Goat-Skin Wood Tambourine w/Dual-Alloy Jingles, Super Natural

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About this product

You're going to want the MEINL Recording-Combo Wood Tambourine by your side when your style demands a bolder, crispier sound with a wide percussive range. Exceptional design has gone into this tambourine, from the super durable laminate wood framing to the pre-tuned goat-skin head which really allows musicians to milk plenty of natural warmth out of this instrument, combined with a lively resonance and a beautiful balance of crisp, textured attack and singing sustain. Performance is effortless and smooth with the use of the 10" goat-skin head, allowing you to drum, roll and bend pitch perfectly so the full tonal structure is easily accessible. The comfortable grip ensures that hands will never tire no matter how energetic the play-style is, making this one of the most reliable tambourines on the market. Dual-Allow Jingles are included with the model, which comes in a very attractive Super Natural finish.

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