Promark RBWKW Hickory Will Kennedy Drumsticks, Wood Tip

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About this product

For drummers who are after a greater sense of articulation across the board, Promark's Hickory Will Kennedy drumsticks are a great option to get behind. With their elongated teardrop tips, more richness and warmth is instantly added to cymbals and drums alike, while remaining fiercely articulate in delivering nuanced fills through each time. A long thin taper is a highlight feature of the Will Kennedy series of drumsticks, offering a huge amount of rebound - play hard and fast with half the effort punching through. Play with ease. Well-balanced and offering a full, dark sound with each use, these hickory drumsticks boast versatility and resilience given its use of this particular wood, while effecting that classic drum stick feel that you can hear cut through with the utmost clarity required.

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