Promark PW747BN Shira Kashi Oak 747B Super Rock Drumsticks, Nylon Tip

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About this product

The Promark Shira Kashi 747B Super Rock drumstick combines dense wood with a sturdy feel, adding increased articulation, weight, and durability. This drumstick provides extra length and diameter and is designed for the heaviest hitters and rock drummers, featuring a nylon tip for a brighter, more-articulate sound. If you're seeking additional reach, the 747B Super Rock is a great alternative to the 747 drumstick model.


  • Ideal for: Rock, Metal
  • Size: 5B
  • Length: 16 1/8" - 16 3/4“
  • Taper: Medium
  • Tip Material: Nylon
  • Finish: Lacquer
  • Tip Shape: Oval
  • Type: Drum Set
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